My name is Jaimie, and I've enjoyed capturing moments behind the camera since I was a child.
I started Nostalgia Photography in Spring 2012.
I'm easy going, and fun loving.
My interests (besides photography) include:
90's kids TV/movies, anything Nostalgic, hosting themed parties, playing old video games,
and quoting movies. I'm basically a big kid, I'm not going to lie.
 I've taken several photography and art courses at SCC and Lindenwood University.
I'm always keeping myself updated on the latest photography trends, and learning as much as I can.
When I'm not taking pictures, I'm spending time with my kiddos, and love being a stay at home mom.
I live in Lake Saint Louis, MO, with my husband Mike, our daughter Chloe, our son Emmett,
and our son Alexander.
My favorite part of this job is that it never feels like a job. I adore capturing those beautiful, raw, emotions and life moments.
I cry at every wedding I shoot, and I practically fall in love with the kiddos I work with.
Watching families grow is so bittersweet, and I absolutely love it.
I've had more clients become friends, and its such a blessing.
I look forward to working with you! -Jaimie Vaughan
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